Image of DICE ISSUE 47

We have had a lot people ask...
"Is it true that you guys are ending DicE at issue 50 next year??"
I can let everyone know that we will not be ending DicE at issue 50, but after issue 50 there will be a big change. At this stage we are not going to say exactly what that change will be, but get ready for something a little different. Something that will blow your minds.
Get ready for the Second Coming.

Anyways...before all that we still have 4 issues left of the first testament, including this, the new glorious issue in the shape of number #47!
The one and only 'Ornamental Conifer' blessed us with this stroke of genius of a cover and we thank him dearly.
Inside this issue you will also find a magazine in a magazine as always! Praise the wonderful guys at LOW SIDE for handling it and hooking all you lucky readers up big time with double pleasure.



Image of DICE ISSUE 47