Image of DICE ISSUE 46.

When I was 5 years old I remember seeing a motorcycle for the first time ever and it had a huge impact on me! I will never forget it! I was in the front garden of my house playing with my toy trains and being a little loser bitch. That’s when I heard a very loud noise coming down the street and it kept getting louder! I excitedly ran to the gate and saw a guy wearing a black leather jacket fly past on bike that had flames painted on the tank and lots of chrome and super high handlebars. Even though I was very young and extremely stupid, I still knew the guy must have been a total kook. Well now I'm that kook and I have learned that its great to have a chopper...If, 1.) You want to attract the attention of old guys who always tell you they had the same bike back in 1926…even though it’s a fucking 1957. 2.) You like dying or getting smashed under a truck or losing your face on the tarmac of a freeway at 90mph. 3.) You need to prove to your friends just how awesome you are by buying old Chopper parts on eBay for 8 times what they are worth just to have the rarest part around. 4.) You never want to meet an attractive human being of the female gender ever again. I suppose if you don’t care about any of that, then fuck it…buy a Panhead and be a legend at your local man bar where you can only wear leather and chains and show your penis a lot to other men dressed in leather and chains. Boom Issue 45 is HERE people!!!



Image of DICE ISSUE 46.